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Eagleman and Colbert Talk Decision-Making and Subconscious Neural Parliaments

Bound to Get Away With Murder? Crime, Compassion and Blame According to David Eagleman

One wonders if high-profile neuroscientist David Eagleman is aware that he’s expressing such a historically Protestant understanding of the brain. At this point, someone has to have mentioned The Bondage of the Will to him, right?! He’s essentially providing the biological evidence to support Martin Luther’s inspired polemic, extending the notion of the “inheritance of […]

The Possbilities of Possibilianism

The New Yorker recently published a fascinating profile of neuroscience guru David Eagleman, in which the subject, in a somewhat tongue-in-cheek fashion, endorses his own “new religion,” Possibilianism, very similar to the agnosticism outlined by Martin Amis a couple of weeks ago. Who knows, given the current ideological climate, this could represent something of a […]