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Mind Like the Raging Sea: Thoughts on David Allen’s Getting Things Done, Second Edition

I’ve started reading the second edition of David Allen’s Getting Things Done, mostly because I’m due for a productivity update. If you haven’t heard of Allen’s system (abbreviated and trademarked as GTD)—well, then, you’re clearly not as efficient as you could be. I’ll pray for you. I won’t bore you with how, specifically, GTD has […]

Another Week Ends: Taylor Swift, Tragedy’s Tragedy, Friday Night Faith, Crises of Boredom, and More November Haidt

David Zahl is finishing up his paternity leave this week. Congratulations amigo! Love to you and yours. 1) In his “Life of Reilly” magazine series, ESPN’s Rick Reilly covered a hummer of a story about one of the most backwards high school football games in history, in which there were “rivers running uphill” and “cats […]

If You’re Reading This At Work…: Rest, Productivity and Lifehackers

If you need an affirming word (who doesn’t?) to stave off the nagging presence of productivity guilt, if you find a looming self-consciousness with each fork of each road of each infinitesimal decision of each workday (“Should I have e-mailed this first?”), if you wonder why vacations are so longed for and yet always somewhat […]