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How to Lose an Argument: Biased Assimilation in Rational Thinking

I think we owe ourselves a congratulations. We made it through the holidays! It isn’t always easy. Spending time with family, occupying the same dinner table, digging into the same refrigerator, watching the same movies with a group of people we never chose our relation to. Perhaps, at some point, a belligerent relative staggered through […]

Another Week Ends: Identity Politics, Applied Rationality, Hipster Nostalgia, Self-Recrimination, and Belle & Sebastian Emails

Click here to listen to the accompanying episode of The Mockingcast! 1. Another incredible op-ed from Molly Worthen this past week about obstructions placed on campus ministries by more and more secular universities. I actually had the opportunity to interview Molly Worthen yesterday for the upcoming Church Issue, and we talked a little bit about this article. In […]

T.M. Luhrmann’s Theory on Voices and Tulpa-Gods in Your Head

I’ve just begun reading When God Talks Back, by T.M. Luhrmann, which is a psychological and sociological study, of the life of American Evangelicalism. Luhrmann looks with sober, even compassionate, appraisal within a Vineyard church in her community, where she spends two years “studying” the psychological dimensions of a faith community, of “having a personal […]

Another Week Ends: Manti Te’o, More Humblebragging, Russian Arrested Development, Pauline Economists, Pentecostal Megan Fox, Don’t Label Me and Shaking Caricatures

1. Some of the biggest news this week was Notre Dame quarterback Manti Te’o’s girlfriend – the one he had reportedly visited between games, who was sick and eventually died of leukemia – turning out to be a hoax. It was one of the most inspirational and heart-rending stories of the 2012 college football season and […]

Another Week Ends: Deadly Doing, Horton on Incarnation, Epic Fantasy Appeal, Schizophrenic Hope, DFW Syllabi, Nice Guys, George Harrison and Superman

1. Andrew Sullivan of The Daily Dish produced a stirring little meditation earlier this week which brought together two of our favorites, philosopher Michael Oakeshott and social psychologist Daniel Kahneman, under the dynamo Oakeshott-inspired title “The Deadliness of Doing.” He speaks about Oakeshott’s lifelong project of trying to recover was a way of doing things […]

Daniel Kahneman on Taking Credit and the Illusion of Control

From a very interesting, very comforting piece by Nobel Laureate economics and psychology professor/Mbird fave Daniel Kahneman entitled “The Surety of Fools/Don’t Blink! The Hazards of Confidence”; October 23rd issue of the NYTimes Sunday Magazine. His thesis, based on years of research, is that much (i.e. all) of what we attribute to good (or bad) […]

Loss Aversion and the Limits of Self-Knowledge

The Times recently hailed Nobel Prize-winning social psychologist Daniel Kahneman and his late research partner Amos Tversky as the “Lewis and Clark of the mind,” and they weren’t kidding around. Dr. Kahneman’s new book (posted on here, here and here) Thinking, Fast and Slow hits the nail resoundingly on the head in regard to one […]

Daniel Kahneman on Overconfidence and the Illusion of Validity

A follow-up to David Brooks’ recent tribute to Noble Prize winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman in the form of a new article by Kahneman himself on the perils of confidence as they apply to leadership, finance and intuition, “Don’t Blink! The Hazards of Confidence.” Apparently, there exists demonstrably little evidence that the oh-so-marketable quality known as […]

Another Week Ends: NeuroLewis and NeuroClark, Common Enemies, Absent Fathers, Zombie Fiction, Jarvis Cocker, Noel Gallagher, Sacred Facial Hair and Pixar

1. Another superb volley in David Brooks’ crusade for a more compassionate view of human fallibility appeared in The NY Times this week, “Who You Are,” in which he salutes Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman’s invaluable contribution to social psychology. Brooks goes so far as to call Kahneman and his research partner Amos Tversky, “the […]

Another Week Ends: Parental Blindspots, Damsel Reviews, Rand Abolishing Lewis, Doublethink, Higher Ground and The Magnificent Ambersons

1. A couple of regretful if relevant instances of control backfiring when it comes to children. The first was reported in The NY Times Motherlode blog: “A newly released poll from the University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital finds that parents look at their children with blinders on, while looking at other children accusingly.” […]