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Peloton vs. Sufferfest, Optimism vs. Reality

Peloton and COVID-19 have combined to lead an explosion in your in-home fitness experience. Yuppies around America now know the terms “FTP,” “Power-to-Weight ratio,” and “VO2 max,” schooled by the greatest fitness instructors in the country. It used to be that getting on a bike trainer was the equivalent of torture. You were only supposed […]

Lance Armstrong’s Moving Finish Line

Where were you in 2012 when Lance Armstrong confessed his steroid sins to St. Oprah? Did you immediately take off your 2004 (!) Livestrong wristband and trash it, or did you simply let it fall behind the bedroom dresser? Was it the talk of your town, or did it just confirm your lack of interest […]

A (Failed) Great Escape: The Latest Move by Lance Armstrong

This is the second (and, let’s be honest, most likely final) in what will no doubt be our long-remembered “God will not be mocked” series. Last week we talked about playing Little League baseball according to the rules, and the nonsensical nature of a life in which such rules don’t exist. This week, Lance Armstrong […]