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The Word of God and the Story of Our World: Robert Jenson’s The Triune Story

“Scripture’s Self, the Narrative Content of Its Promises, is Jesus Christ”

The Top Ten Reasons the Lectionary Sucks and Five Half-Assed Solutions

This one comes to us from Sarah Hinlicky Wilson: A lectionary is a collection of readings for Sunday worship, ordered according to the seasons of the church year. The version most widely used by mainline Protestants is the Revised Common Lectionary, though others such as the earlier Common Lectionary and the Roman Catholic Lectionary for […]

The Green Bible

If you have loved your red-letter editions of your Bibles in which you can easily pick out the highlighted words of Jesus, then you’re gonna love this! TIME reports this week that The Green Bible has hit the shelves of your local book store. This time instead of Jesus’ words being highlighted, more than 1,000 […]