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Pimp My Whitewashed Tomb

The family car was involved in a hit and run last week. Police are still looking for the woman in the red van who sped off, the insurance company is working with us to get the car restored, and we’ve made the appointment with the body shop to get it all fixed. Duct tape has […]

Laughing in Church (But Apparently Not on Craigslist)

Last weekend we bought my wife a new (used) car. Her old(er) one was getting a bit small for our growing boys, and was quickly approaching 100,000 miles (at which point it would become more difficult to sell), so we bit the bullet and took the plunge. Now we have a 12 year-old, 99k-mile car […]

Grotesque Rebellion: The Legacy of the American Muscle Car

And of course many of us invest our egos in our vehicle–whether driving ovate maxivans, equine pickups, or phallic coupes. Whether cars can continue to do that cultural work–can continue to serve as the ultimate symbol  of consumption and success–remains to be seen. This comes from Daniel Albert’s “Finding the Robot Chauffeur,” a new post […]

Another Week Ends: Religious Justice, Self-Esteem Pathologies, WWE SummerSlam, and Jealous Partners

1)  Well, if you planned on taking your kids to see Planes, thinking it would be the aviary of the Cars legacy, think again. As it has happened before, Pixar has created something seemingly unrepeatable, except unto itself (and unto scripture), and the Atlantic tells us what it is. Luke Epplin says it is the […]

Hallelujah! A Self-Justifying Car Post

As you may (or may not) have noticed, we have a few car nuts ’round these parts. Witness here, here and here. Ok, ok, so I wrote all of those posts, but that’s beside the point. Mockingbird has always held, as one of the corollaries to its obsession with the Gospel, that the imputed righteousness […]

Self-Effacement + Humor + Cars = Awesome

The Gospel According to Pixar: Cars

General Plot: Lightening McQueen is the hot new rookie race car who is stealing headlines with every race. He’s super fast and he knows it. He’s a one man show and vocalizes it. When his pit crew ditches him, he doesn’t care… He’s headed to California for the big championship race (between the King–the current […]

Theology of the (Motor)Cross