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A Quick Calvin and Hobbes


A New Comic From Bill Watterson!

Created for France’s Angoulême International Comics Festival, it’s vintage stuff. Bravo, ht KW:


The comic’s appearance prompted one fan to ask, “Is Bill Watterson Staging a Comeback?”

Can’t pass up the opportunity to mention our “Resolving to Love Calvin and Hobbes” post from a few years ago. A personal favorite.

A Quick Calvin and Hobbes


A Quick Calvin and Hobbes

CHadulthood 2

A Quick Calvin and Hobbes


A Quick Calvin and Hobbes

This one somehow escaped our attention last year when we ran our epic look at all the Calvin and Hobbes’ New Years strips:


A Quick Calvin and Hobbes


As good a time as any to link to my (second) favorite Xmas-related C&H strip of all time, “Calvin Dreams of a Gracious Santa”. Those who received our year-end appeal/newsletter will be familiar with number one.

A Quick Calvin and Hobbes


Doing Wrong Well: Augustine and Machiavellian Anthropology

I’ve been reading Niccolo Machiavelli lately, the brilliant Renaissance-era adviser of princes, and have found myself much more attracted to him than I’d expected. To say that his reputation precedes him is an understatement–very few last names become as frequently dropped modifiers as ‘Machiavellian’, which usually refers to someone who believes that ends justify means […]

You Know It’s a Good Day When

1. The breathtaking trailer for Wes Anderson’s new film hits the web:

2. Calvin and Hobbes creator Bill Watterson breaks his silence and gives an interview!

3. The Washington Post acknowledges/validates your existence. It’s almost too much. Strike up the foreboding violin music…

From The Onion: Fantasized Argument Getting Pretty Intense

A great quick one about inner-lawyers and the heat they can generate when the wheels start turning:

BELMONT, MA­­—Escalating over the course of 20 minutes from a restrained discussion with a coworker to a heated confrontation between multiple members of his management team, the fantasized argument currently taking place in the mind of Digital Ventures, Inc. employee Jesse Newman is getting pretty intense, sources confirmed today. “You’re talking to me about incompetence? Me?” Newman said in his mind while furrowing his brow and letting the entirely fictitious dispute go to an increasingly frank and emotionally charged place. “Mark, no one in this room agrees with you. Why? Because they don’t respect you. And they never have. And if you honestly believe that what you do around here is in any way vital, or important, or irreplaceable, then you are out of your mind. Absolutely out of your mind. No…you made it personal by insinuating that I wasn’t up to the task.”

Read the rest here.


A Quick Calvin and Hobbes