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From The Onion: Area Woman Prefers To Get Same Advice From As Many People As Possible

Another ridiculously funny/relevant piece (about prayer) from The Onion: MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA—When faced with any kind of vexing decision or problem, 29-year-old Christine Lim prefers to weigh all her options by getting the exact same advice from as many people who already agree with her as possible, the area woman told reporters Monday. “If I […]

From The Onion: Average Time Spent Being Happy Drops To 13 Second Per Day

This past weekend’s conference notwithstanding, this is pretty darn funny (ht PW): BERKELEY, CA—A study published in the latest issue of the Journal Of Social Sciences revealed that the amount of time spent being happy has dropped to an all-time low of 13 nonconsecutive seconds per day. “According to our data, the average American experiences […]