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Another Week Ends: Grand Theft Auto, Angry Net Users, One Way Love, Self-Helpy Great Books, Anti-Altruistic Kickstarters, and More Breaking Bad

1. For starters, Grand Theft Auto V is out! (If you need a strong case for dabbling in it, go here). Kill Screen posted a doozie of a review, provocatively titled, “Grand Theft Auto 5 channels the violent, lonely minds of men, especially mine“, ht SZ: I shudder with recognition… at the bleeding edge of reality […]

For the Love (and Judgment) of a Burning Man

Perhaps you’re familiar with the proudly neo-pagan annual desert ‘happening’ known as Burning Man. It started about twenty years ago as a semi-serious attempt to create a sacred ritual for Bay Area bohemians, then morphed into a somewhat dangerous week-long primitivist/anarchist party and has recently bloomed into full-fledged movement, celebrating personal expression, free love and […]