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Critical Thoughts on the Evangelical Embrace of Thomas Kinkade’s Art

A year and a half ago I wrote a post on Mockingbird about Thomas Kinkade, the prosperous “Painter of Light,” mostly responding to a then recent article highlighting his death due to a drug and alcohol overdose. I attempted to offer a thoughtful interpretation of Kinkade, his art, his unfortunate demise, and the Evangelical embrace of his […]

Buddy Christ and the Catholicism WOW Campaign; or, Cross vs. Glory in Dogma

This is a bit of a throwback given that Kevin Smith’s film Dogma is about 12 years old. But I recently let my daughter begin playing with my Buddy Christ statuette since she had been pointing to it on a bookshelf and making quizzical utterances (“hunh?”)—yes, I have a Buddy Christ toy. In any event, […]