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There Is a Hand Guiding The Killers

A little collaboration with DZ: When last we checked in with The Killers, they were misappropriating Hunter S. Thompson (to great effect), wearing feathers on their shoulders, and continuing to split the surprisingly potent difference between Bruce Springsteen and The Pet Shop Boys–albeit with choruses that, one has to admit, frequently out-hooked those of their […]

November Playlist

  1. I’ve Been a Bad Bad Boy – Paul Jones
  2. A Breath Taking Guy – The Marvelettes
  3. If Dolphins Were Monkeys – Ian Brown
  4. I Told Her on Alderaan – Neon Neon
  5. Right Behind You – Brandon Flowers
  6. Speedway – Morrissey
  7. Man-Sized Wreath – REM
  8. Church on White – Stephen Malkmus
  9. It’s Real – Real Estate
  10. The Reason – Thunderclap Newman
  11. There’s No Way Out of Here – David Gilmour
  12. In No Resistance – Frankie Miller
  13. Bad Blood – Crooked Fingers
  14. The Neighbor – Dixie Chicks
  15. The Road to Birmingham – Mott the Hoople
  16. Boulder to Birmingham – Emmylou Harris
  17. In the World – Ryan Adams
  18. Nothing Lasts Forever – Echo & The Bunnymen

Brandon Flowers Is Right Behind You

Or is it… someone else? Dash the haters, I love this guy:

“[My religion] always comes out, it’s inevitable. There’s a lot of imagery in the songs… I don’t think about it, it’s not a real conscious decisive thing that I’m trying to get into the songs; it just creeps its way in. Being a religious person living in Las Vegas, I definitely have been caught in that crossfire.”