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Songs of the Outlaw: Yours, Mine, and Billy Joe Shaver’s “Serious Souls”

Kris Kristofferson is known to have said that Billy Joe Shaver may be the greatest living songwriter, the Hemingway of songwriting, but also that, if life were TV, he’d be on at 4 A.M. He has written songs for Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, George Jones, Patty Loveless, the Allman Brothers; Waylon Jennings used […]

Billy Joe Shaver vs. Satan

More evidence that Billy Joe rocks harder than any man his age has a right to… What a stud, definitely the heir apparent to Johnny Cash’s voice-of-God throne. He claims that Bad Blake wasn’t based on him, but I beg to differ. Here’s a barnburner from his most recent record: