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Another Week Ends: Go Cubs Go!, Cormac McCarthy, Dead Mothers, Email Tics, Teen Depression, and the Church of McDonalds

1. Lots of Cubs love to be had this week. First, if you didn’t see the incredibly sweet line up of grandma and grandpa reactions on NPR this week, go there first. And then there’s Bill Murray, at it again, giving a free Game Six ticket to a stranger from Indiana. And it was a […]

Sinner and Saint Vincent

St. Vincent arrived in theaters just in time for All Saints’ Sunday, the day the church recognizes and remembers those in the parish community who have died, and all the other “saints” that went before them. It is not a coincidence; first-time director Ted Melfi must have known what was on the church calendar in […]

It’s Gonna Last You for the Rest of Your Life: Sanctification According to Groundhog Day

That’s right, woodchuck chuckers. It’s Groundhog Day! I have a tradition of watching Groundhog Day every year around February 2. Which is convenient, since television stations tend to play the film this time of year. Repeated viewings are also a fitting homage, given the movie’s plot, which has weatherman Phil Connors (Bill Murray) reliving Groundhog Day […]

PZ’s Podcast: The Razor’s Edge

EPISODE 44 It’s many people’s favorite book. Bill Murray likes it so much he produced and starred in a remake of it in 1984. Tyrone Power and Gene Tierney had already starred in the Twentieth Century Fox version (1946). PZ and his friends made a monster-movie version of it in 1965. It’s The Razor’s Edge! […]

Christmas Must Be Tonight: The Band’s Left-field Xmas Carol

Tied with Big Star’s “Jesus Christ” as my favorite religious rock song by an otherwise non-religious rock band is The Band’s “Christmas Must Be Tonight”, a track which takes much of its lyrics directly from the King James. The google-challenged Band – in this writer’s opinion the greatest performing unit the rock world has ever […]