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Another Week Ends: Ugly Anthropomorphism, Shaken Manchildren, Big Love, The Church’s Cognitive Dissonance, March Madness, and the MoneyQuest for Happiness

Doing my best to fill in for DZ, who is currently gearing up for next week’s conference. 1) A great article from the Times this week, discussing the recent tendency of creaturely films (“Rango” etc) to capture the creature in all of us: THERE is a special kind of appeal to stories that lead us […]

The Upside Of Depression?

From Jonah Lehrer’s fascinating article in last week’s NY Times magazine entitled “Depression’s Upside” which traces the research currently being done on depression from an evolutionary perspective, i.e. the attempt to answer the question, “Is there an evolutionary purpose to depression and if so what is it?”. Shaky ground…  Most of the article outlines the […]

Another Few Weeks End: Hitchens & Galli, OK Go, Shaun White, Big Love and more Elvis

After taking a few weeks off to ponder all things Elvis-related, and to try out a new smaller-but-more-frequent approach to posting, I am returning to the weekly round-up. Mainly in response to the surprising and flattering popular demand (a la EP…?). Regardless, it will probably end up being more of a bi-weekly round-up from here […]

Another Week Ends: DFW, A. Null, female Atheists, Big Love and Twin Peaks

1. The New Yorker published a posthumous short story from David Foster Wallace this past week, “All That”. A touching look at childhood and the ‘religious impulse’, it is sort of a must-read. The ending is particularly moving. 2. An illuminating interview with friend/theologian Ashley Null over at VirtueOnline about a number of subjects, including […]