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Fifteen Beatitudes for All Saints’ Day, 2020

Paraphrased from Matthew 5:3-7 for this sermon. With thanks to Buechner, NBW, Same Old Song, K Lamar, and T Brewer.

Comfort to Afflicted Saints

Trading the Manageable To-Do List for Revolutionary Paradox: Blessed are the Broken

A Pirate Looks at Forty-(Nine)

Yes, that’s right, as of today I am officially starting to feel…old. I know there are some readers who will regard forty-nine as young, but please bear with me, because it’s still so new to me. A quick scan of the Internet this morning reveals all that I have to look forward to in the […]

Another Week Ends: Gamer Grace, Baby Data, Moonrise Kingdom, Amygdalas, LEGO (and Kinkade) Infernos, Munch’s Scream, more Marilynne, and Parks and Rec

1. Yes Please: A truly wonderful article from our friends at Kill Screen looking at video games through the lens of the Beatitudes, “Blessed are the Geek.” Richard Clark explores the crucial difference between playing for points and playing for fun, the imperative to win vs. the freedom to lose. The grounding concept is that […]

Galilee (Holy Land, pt.2)

Before the memory fades, I wanted to share a few thoughts from the first leg of our trip to Israel: 1. It may sound trite, but it’s quite a thing to walk where Jesus walked. Visiting the actual places where he conducted his ministry, you can’t help but connect with his humanity in a new […]