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Alexa, Now!

Whenever a new technology comes on the scene, there’s always a bridge that needs to be built. That bridge is a cognitive bridge and it takes some powerful envisioning (and marketing!) to communicate that vision to the public. It is a bridge between what before was only manageable by human intuition and hard work, and […]

The Law of the Shelf: What Lives Behind Your Amazon Order

Amazon is scary good, people. It’s always kind of an unsettling miracle when the order you’ve placed online finds its way to your front door, as though there’s some magical winged deliverer, some mythical albatross who, from the belly of the earth, has brought to your stoop longed-for treasures. It’s amazing. Granted, most of us […]

The Twilight Phenomenon

Slate ran a fascinating article on Thursday, provocatively titled “Mother Suckers”: Vampires are having their moment in, well, if not the sun, then certainly the Twilight. Author Stephenie Meyer’s series of books about the romantic yearnings of an undead teen are the, uh, lifeblood of the book business these days. According to USA Today, one […]