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Another Week Ends: The Mass Audience, The Power of Invisibility, College Loan Evangelism, Intuitive Eating, and the Fourth United Church

1. From The Spectator comes “The Quiet Sorrow of the Instagram Blogger.” It tells the true story of one “Influencer,” who really is a caricatured stand-in for everyone these days, named Kelly Larkin, of the “Kelly in the City” brand. Larkin is known (apparently) as an “aspirational but accessible” lifestyle branding influencer. As these cautionary […]

Thanksgivings: Big Star’s Thank You Friends and Scott Walker’s Thanks for Chicago, Mr James

If rock n roll is to be trusted, it would appear that human beings are not hard-wired for gratitude. Songs dealing with the subject are that few and far between. Or perhaps the medium just lends itself to discontent? Either way, putting together a good Thanksgiving mix is no easy task. On their controversial Third […]

RIP Alex Chilton – Keep An Eye On The Sky

The greatest rock n roll anti-hero Alex Chilton of all-time died of a heart attack this past Thursday. In tribute, we thought we’d re-run the Big Star post that went up in October, “Keep An Eye On The Sky – Big Star Talks To God”. But first, children by the million: The Replacements Alex ChiltonUploaded by […]

Keep an Eye On the Sky: Big Star Talks to God

Last month brought the long-awaited release of Keep An Eye On The Sky, a boxed set collecting the music 70s power-pop pioneers Big Star. I recently heard the short-lived Memphis group referred to as “the greatest American cult rock band this side of The Velvet Underground”. Which basically means their influence is inversely proportionate to […]