So here’s the less-than-exciting news:

  • After conferring with our hosts, we’ve made the painful decision to cancel this year’s NYC Conference. If you’ve been keeping track of the situation on the ground in New York, you know that hosting an international conference in late April has become simply untenable. Such a bummer! Our administrator, Deanna Roche, will be in touch with all those who have pre-registered to see how you’d like to handle the situation. We’ll be happy to refund anyone who’s already paid but do urge you to consider:
    • Rolling over your registration to next year! Our 2021 NYC Conference happens April 22-24 and will be all the sweeter for the wait.
    • OR … Making your registration fee a tax-free donation to Mockingbird. Needless to say, we’re taking quite a financial hit and every penny helps, especially during this crazy time.
  • The Tyler Festival is still happening this year, but it’s postponed til Sept 18-19.

We so appreciate your understanding and support. It’s uncharted territory for all of us! In considerably more positive news:

  • The Mockingcast is moving to weekly from now until the summer! A new episode, “Coronacation Survival Kit,” is up this morning in fact. We talk viral realities, compassion shortages, and Martin Luther’s advice for pandemic survivors–before giving our quarantine recommendations.
  • We’ve started a series of daily video devotionals on our Facebook and Instagram pages. These will be 4-6 minute videos, posted every morning, from rotating contributors around the Mockingsphere. We’re calling it “Grace in a Time of Corona” and the first one, via yours truly, is up as we speak. Sarah’s up tomorrow, then Jacob, and so on. Again, you’ll need to like our Facebook or Instagram page in order to get those updates.
  • We’ll also be upping the frequency of fresh installment of the Talkingbird and Mockingpulpit podcasts.
  • For those stuck at home with kids, Storymakers is GIVING away electronic copies of their Lenten and Easter zines. Just email to take advantage.

We’ve got a few other fresh things in the mix but will wait to announce until more details are set. For now, know that we’re leaning in to our online presence (no “pivot” necessary, thank God!) and hope you’ll join in the fun. Speaking of which, when in doubt, let Alan Partridge be your guide: