Pot Kettle Black: Keeping the Mocking-Score in 2020

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David Zahl / 12.23.20

For those looking to while away the yuletide coma, here’s a rundown of what content got traction in 2020. It is limited to stuff that was posted in 2020 (pre-Dec 15th), rather than viewed then. Click here to read last year’s round-up. Enjoy!

Most Popular Posts Published in the Past 12 Months

  1. People I Am Praying For Right Now
  2. Little Women and the Truth We’re Too Scared to Say
  3. Defund Your Inner Police
  4. Hoarding in a Crisis, Stealing From Your Neighbor
  5. My Sober Mid-Thirties and the Etymology of Nothing
  6. Sad Clowns, Lonely Husbands, and COVID Friendships
  7. Sticking Our Necks Out: Judgment in the Age of COVID Phases
  8. Under Robert E. Lee’s Shadow
  9. I Really Want to Skip Church
  10. When Jesus Got Infected
  11. God of Our Lonely Fathers
  12. The Couple Who Quarantines Together

Honorable Mentions: Thoughts on Desperate Evangelism, Julian of Norwich’s Hope, I Am Not a Morning Person, When the Cart Narcs Come for You, Bottoming Out on Prediction Addiction, God Has Made a Decision About You, A Low Anthropology Guide to Quarantine Prayer, Learning from Jesus’ Wife, Zadie Smith on the Relative Suffering of Christ, When Grace Came to Mayberry

Most Popular Talkingbird Episodes

  1. Freedom and Why We’re Afraid of It – David Zahl
  2. On Not Being C. S. Lewis – Francis Spufford
  3. Law and Gospel, Pt 1 – Sarah Hinlicky Wilson
  4. The Counter-Intuitive Wisdom of the 12 Steps – John Zahl
  5. Why We Need the Theology of the Cross Today – Mark Mattes

Most Popular Posts on Facebook (Not Mentioned Above): This one and then this one

Most Popular Meme on Facebook: Kenny

Most Popular Instagram: An exact tie between this one and this one

Most Downloaded Sermons

  1. Jesus Loves a Contrast – Sarah Condon
  2. Status Check – David Zahl
  3. Everything We Adore and Nothing We Want to Be – Ryan Alvey
  4. The Gospel According to Frank Sinatra – Chris Bowhay
  5. What Is God Up To? – RJ Heijmen

Most Watched Videos

  1. Good Friday in a Time of Corona – Paul Zahl
  2. Grace in a Time of Corona – Sarah Condon
  3. Advent in a Time of Corona – Chad Bird
  4. Grace in a Time of Corona – Derrill McDavid
  5. Grace in a Time of Corona – Jacob Smith