The Latest From The Mockingcast

Not Captain Material, No One Is Enjoying Their Life, and Blessed are the Brokenhearted

Mockingbird / 9.28.21

In case you’ve missed it, the Mockingcast trio are back full swing after their summer break of fighting crime and vanquishing evil. The latest episode just dropped today! See below for direct links to the podcast as well as links to the articles they discuss.

Episode 217: Not Captain Material

Sarah, Dave, and RJ talk self-awareness, gracious friendships, nap ministries, and the “gift” of rejection. Also, RJ explores his haze-ability while Sarah buys a bridesmaid dress.

  • Click here to read David Brooks column on “Is Self-Awareness a Mirage?”
  • Click here to read the interview with Anne Lamott in Time.
  • Click here to read about the Nap Ministry.
  • Click here to read Dave’s water polo story. (And here to order the book in question).

Oh and click here to learn more about Storymakers.

Episode 216: No One Is Enjoying Their Life

RJ, Sarah, and Dave talk favorite comedians, status games, personal progress, and re-enchantment. Also, somehow RJ keeps winning. He’s insufferable that way.

  • Click here to watch Norm Macdonald deliver the Moth Joke.
  • Click here to read Will Storr’s article on Status Games in the Guardian.
  • Click here to read Ed West’s review of Storr’s book on UnHerd.
  • Click here to read Hannah Anderson article in Christianity Today on how “COVID Killed Our Sense of Personal Progress.”
  • Click here to read Shivani Radhakrishnan’s article “Uncertain Terms” in the Point.
  • Click here to order Megahan O’Gieblyn’s new book God Human Animal Machine.

Episode 215: Blessed Are the Brokenhearted

In their first episode after the summer hiatus, Dave, RJ and Sarah talk misbehaving consumers, trapped perfectionists, and controversial forgiveness before taking a detour to a little church in Mississippi. Also, Sarah dons a babooshka while Dave drums up some tips.

  • Click here to read Amanda Mull’s article on how “American Shoppers Are a Nightmare.”
  • Click here to read Josh Cohen’s essay on “The Perfectionism Trap.”
  • Click here to read Nadia Bolz Weber’s newsletter on what to do “If You Can’t Take In Anymore.”
  • Click here to read the Vox interview with Elizabeth Bruenig about forgiveness
  • Finally, click here to read Sarah’s account of what happened with the stained-glass window