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Another Week Ends: Roger Ebert, Judgment, Ben Folds & Nick Hornby, and TS3

Filling in for DZ this week… 1. An interesting piece from George Elerick over at the Huffington Post about the destructive power of judgment. Though his alternative of a love-filled justice leaves much to be desired, he’s on to something… “We judge others and ourselves because we have forgotten in what it looks like to […]

Another Week Ends: Soccer, Toy Story 3, John Ratzenberger, Narnia, Step One, Self-Proclaimed Messiahs, Stars

1. An interesting conversation/editorial about “A World Cup Mentality” over at the NY Times between David Brooks and Gail Collins. One particularly relevant soundbite (ht TB): We in this country prefer pastimes that are rational and quantifiable. Football plays can be drawn up in a playbook and baseball lends itself to statistical analysis. Americans prefer […]

Another Week Ends: Interfaith Marriages, Mavis Staples & Jeff Tweedy, Bible Study Etiquette, FNL, Cage Fighting

1. Speaking of love and marriage (see below), The Washington Post ran a very interesting article earlier this week entitled “Love Conquers All. Except Religion” charting the rise and tragically frequent fall of interfaith marriages. Apparently Jewish-Christian marriages are most precarious, with Catholic-Evangelical not too far behind. Surprisingly, there’s only a passing mention of Atheist/Agnostic-Christian […]

Another Week Ends: Religious Scientists, The Man Who Loved Children, Whit Stillman, Charles Grodin and Andy Griffith

Greetings from VA! It’s taken a week or so, but we’re just about set up down here in our new home. 1. Last week The Washington Post reviewed Elaine Ecklund’s new book Science Vs Religion: What Scientist Really Think, which polls the beliefs of over 1700 scientists at America’s most elite research universities. The findings […]

Another Week Ends: Andy Pettitte, Stop Signs, Ypsilanti Christs, LOST, William Styron

1. “When Did God Become A Sports Fan?” over at CNN is an interesting look at the how’s and why’s of professional athletes invoking God in pursuit of victory (ht DG): They are selling their goodness, and their brand of faith, to a captive audience, says [William J. Baker, author of Playing With God], who […]

Another Week Ends: Perfomance Reviews, Zimmermania, Godzilla, Reasonability, WASPs, Hipster Xianity, Arcade Fire

1. A fascinating piece over at NY Times titled “Time To Review Work Reviews?” Filled to the brim, as one might imagine, with Law-related gems (ht SZ). Annual reviews not only create a high level of stress for workers, [Dr. Samuel Culbert, clinical psychologist and author of the new Get Rid Of The Performance Review!] […]

Another Week Ends: More Shore, Facebook Happiness, DFW, Marriage, IMonk and The National

1. John Shore’s follow-up to his Huffington Post piece, “How My Wife Took The News Of My Sudden Conversion”. It should be noted that Mr. Shore published a book in 2007 with the killer title: “I’m OK-You’re Not: The Message We’re Sending To Non-Believers And Why We Should Stop”. Along those lines, it’s worth taking […]

Another Week Ends: Bad Church Kids, DFW, Dylan, Trailers, More Spiritualiosity

1. From an article Why Church Kids Must Go Bad that talks about contemporary youth ministry through the lens of this book. Not sure if the book is any good, but the article, though definitely a little churchy, is pretty great. ht EC: “Have we communicated that Christianity is ultimately about goodness, about positivity, and […]

You Gave Me A Mountain – Elvis in Hawaii

Characteristically rousing version of one of The King’s most (ridiculously) cruciform songs. Talk about the “old Adam” dying a slow death! How I wish Elvis could have heard Simeon Zahl’s “Experiencing The Spirit In Failure And In Love” talk from last weekend’s conference… Or at least yours truly’s dead-serious “Mockingbird = Elvis Presley” opening gambit. But hey, that Ronnie Tutt sure can drum!

Another Week Ends returns next week. But not before the conference talks are posted. I promise.

p.s. Anyone else notice that Elvis’ “American Trilogy” plays during the climatic scene of Kick-Ass?! Very gratifying.

Another Week Ends: Barbie, M. McLaren (RIP), Monoliths, MLK & Easter, MMORPG Addiction, and more…

1. Let’s just jump right in: Trololo! 2. In more important news, Barbie got ordained this week. “With her careers as veterinarian, astronaut and U.S. president behind her, Barbie has at last found her true calling: as a second-career Episcopal priest.“ 3. Eddie S. Glaude contributed a sweet article about “Martin Luther King’s Easter Message” […]

Another Week Ends: The (Non-)Commercialization of Easter, Realism vs. Despair, Childhood Favorites, LOST, Fat Albert

1. A truly remarkable piece by James Martin over at Slate entitled, “How Easter Stubbornly Resists Commercialization”. A few notable excerpts (ht AZ): “What enables Easter to maintain its religious purity and not devolve into the consumerist nightmare that is Christmas? Well, for one thing, it’s hard to make a palatable consumerist holiday out of […]

Another Week Ends: America’s God, Plastic Surgery, Channel Surfing, Woeman, RIP and a better McLaren emerges.

Dave gave me the opportunity to post an entry into the “Week Ends” franchise, so here are some things that have been sent directly to my account–enjoy! JDK 1: As we are want to say, something is rotten in the state of American Protestantism, and while one may take issue (and does) with his […]