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Another Week Ends: Procrastination, Galli on Miners & Prayer, Wes Anderson, JK Rowling & goodnewsforpeoplewithbigproblems

1. A wonderful and highly relevant article in this week’s New Yorker by James Surowiecki reviewing a new book on procrastination, The Thief of Time. A perfect storm of Law-related paralysis (also known as “perfectionism” – think Chinese Democracy), Romans 7-style inner divisions and general human silliness: Philosophers are interested in procrastination for another reason. […]

Another Week Ends: Cyber Bullies, eBay, Glenn Beck, FUNdamentals, Madonna, TV roundup

1. A quick study in opposites: In an NPR story about the rise of cyber-bullying and public humiliation, “It’s Not the Web, It’s Us” sociologist C.J. Pascoe wisely states, ‘we shouldn’t place all the blame for [cyber-bully] actions on new technology. ‘I think the problem starts pre-technology, which is, what are the motivations we have […]

Another Week Ends: Green Guilt, Agnostic Knowledge, Tearjerkers, The Social Network, Damsels in Distress

1. Such a fascinating article about Green Guilt in Wednesday’s NY Times (ht BZ). Substitute the eco-language with discipleship-talk and you have a nigh perfect allegory for the double-edged sword of self-righteousness/despair that comes from living by the Law (or  any attempt to live consistently). Again, nothing against the environment – I ride a bike […]

Another Week Ends: False Danger, Stress Vaccines, Alien Baptism, Michael Vick, King of Kong, Online Dating, Get Low, Pixar

1. Another in a series of great articles from Lisa Belkin of the NY Times, this one entitled “Keeping Kids Safe From the Wrong Dangers,” in which the author continues in what appears to be her (and Jonah Lehrer’s) quest to unveil the irrationality at the base of human decision-making. There’s also a great line […]

Another Week Ends: American Dreams, Van Halen, Hereditary Sin, Netflix, Control Freaks & Hipsters

1. Old news by now, but David Brooks’ editorial about “The Gospel of Wealth” had some interesting tidbits about the intersection of affluence and Christianity in America, highlighting the efforts of one pastor in Birmingham, AL: The tension between good and plenty, God and mammon, became the central tension in American life, propelling ferocious energies […]

Another Week Ends: We Call When All The Cards Stop

Filling in for DZ (a.k.a Charlie’s Dad!), I’ve dedicated these Week Ends to our tireless defense against spirituality, or, as it will, doubtless, come to be known: gnostosolipsism. 1. As Philip Yancey’s article Life in a Bubble attests to, few things illustrate the difficulty and necessity of properly distinguishing law and gospel like Christian educational […]

Another Week Ends: Parenting, Katy Perry, New Weezer, U2 and "God Told me to…"

Filling in for DZ this week… 1. A great article from Chris Gottlieb for any parent who has ever been given unsolicited advice on their parenting skills ( I suppose that includes everyone?). The author laments: I marvel at how comfortable people feel telling complete strangers about their purported parenting flaws…No infraction is too small […]

Another Week Ends: Franzen’s Freedom, Strippers at Church, Hairdryers, Gender Jokes, Sufjan and Arcade Fire

1. The reviews for Freedom, Jonathan Franzen’s much-anticipated follow-up to 2001’s The Corrections, are in, and terms like “America’s Greatest Novelist” are once again being thrown around, with the decline of the novel itself being re-evaluated as well. Personally, I love Franzen’s work, especially his essays (he’s got a great one about his involvement in […]

Another Week Ends: Summoned Lives, Dwight Gooden, Anne Rice, Getting Low, Swimming the Tiber, Kurosawa and Rossellini

1. A few bits from the editorial “Summoned Lives” by David Brooks last week, in which he compares two ways of life: The Well-Planned Life (endorsed, ironically – or not so ironically – by a “serious Christian”) and The Summoned Life. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out which one we gravitate toward: […]

Another Week Ends: Conan, Benefits of Tears, Don Miller, Romantic Comedies, TRON

1. An insider’s perspective on Conan O’Brien’s final days on The Tonight Show by Todd Levin at GQ. Beautiful stuff. It would appear that, freed of all expectations, creativity and fun thrived on the set. Go figure (ht JD): We produced some of the show’s most memorable moments in those last weeks, like the $1.5 million […]

Another Week Ends: Grace at the ESPYs, Steinbrenner, More AA, Unhappy Parents, Inception

1. A stop-you-in-your-tracks story of grace and forgiveness from the recent ESPN awards, The ESPYs, about the family of high school football coach Ed Thomas. What appears to be one thing turns out to be quite another. Just be absolutely sure to watch past the 9:30 mark (huge ht to Brad Erwin): 1a. Not nearly […]

Another Week Ends: Prostate Gospel, Rotten Airbenders, Marriage, OT Video Games

1. In Mark Galli’s recent column over at Christianity Today, “The God Who Became Blood”, he uses his dysfunctional prostate as a jumping off point to talk about the Incarnation: “Whenever we see clear signs of our humanity—our vulnerability and mortality—we are apt to become frightened and flush the red liquid down the toilet, and […]