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Weds Afternoon Rock n Roll: Joseph Arthur’s "Dear Lord"

A fantastic song by an underrated artist, “Dear Lord” is a gutsy conversation between man and God, where suffering creates faith, which in turn births repentance. A very strong “presence of God’s absence”/ theology of the cross vibe. Just after it was released in 2002, I remember reading an interview with Arthur, who does not […]

Belle and Sebastian Go to Church

The party line with Belle & Sebastian is that they peaked early with If You’re Feeling Sinister (“Go off and see a minister”). That record may be tad monotonous but it’s still utterly charming and very much deserving of its stature as a modern classic. Yet I feel that their true masterpiece is 2006’s The […]

Weds Afternoon Rock N Roll: When New Order Played Baywatch

In keeping with JAZ’s pool party mix, here’s one of the more surreal pairings of the last 20 years. New Order chose to stage their Top Of The Pops performance of “Regret” – one of my favorite songs of theirs – on the set of Baywatch. Hasselhoff himself makes an appearance, just before Peter Hook’s incredible bass solo: