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PZ’s Podcast: The Circle and Shock Theater

EPISODES 29 & 30 (Parts three and four of the four-part Moviegoer series): In which our man begins to emerge from “The Black Sleep” and lift his eyes to the quiet hills. He discovers foreign films! There was a theater on Pennsylvania Avenue between Georgetown and Foggy Bottom known as ‘The Circle’. The Circle began […]

PZ’s Podcast: The Crawling Eye

EPISODE 27 Here is the childhood memory of a conversion. An eight-year-old boy attends his first Saturday matinee and his world is changed forever. He and his little friend Marty walk twenty blocks of the city’s streets in order to see The Crawling Eye. The title alone, with visions of a slithering alien eye, is […]

Wine Tasting, Vodka and Reason

Seeing the above bumper sticker in Washington DC this weekend, I was faced once again with the false dichotomy between religion and critical thought. Atheists, ‘positive thinkers’, and other ideologists like to believe that unlike religious people, they actually employ their immutable power of reason or thinking. But how effective are our powers of reason? […]