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Another (Holy) Week Ends: Unachievement, Damsels Reviews, Gastrodad Confessions, Youth Ministry, Music Snobs, Girls and Darth Vader

1. At this point, you’ve likely seen Andrew Sullivan’s Newsweek cover story on the “Crisis in Christianity”. While there’s regrettably little talk of salvation – which I’m not sure is really within the purview of such a piece – and the reference to Jefferson is a bit dubious, the overall diagnosis strikes me as sound. […]

Preach Preacher

A great quote on preaching from Stephen Paulson as well as the best liturgical dance troupe I’ve ever seen; farewell ribbon dancers, you will be missed. “Scripture does not produce what sinners want—the distinction of vice and virtue—but it does yield the difference between law and gospel, which is the judgment of the all-working God […]