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Psychic Disintegration in Jordan Peele’s Us

Unfortunately, there is no doubt about the fact that man is, as a whole, less good than he imagines himself or wants to be. Everyone carries a shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is. – Jung Nighttime: inside a secluded beach house, a family […]

Conference Preview: Grace for Single Moms

From Andrea Zimmerman, who, with her husband Aaron, will lead one of our breakout sessions on Friday morning at the upcoming 2011 Mockingbird Conference. “Am I allowed to come to Christmas services at your church with my boys?” An unwed mother with two small children asked me this question a few days before Christmas. Her […]

Joey Berglund Breaks Down

The powerful bottoming-out moment of young Joey Berglund, one of the protagonists in Jonathan Franzen’s novel Freedom, who has just eloped with his girlfriend Connie after miraculously pulling off a lucrative but pretty underhanded deal to provide the US military with shoddy parts for some Cold War trucks they were using in Iraq: The depression […]

Redemption and the goal that woke up America

It was evident today as I was watching the USA vs. Algeria in soccer that we (the USA) were gonna lose. I gave up after watching Dempsey get called for off-sides and a goal being disallowed.

BUT, redemption happens. See, we believe that God works when we are dead. When it is over, there might just be a chance. And that is exactly what happened today for US soccer. Just when you think it is over, life begins.

Millions of Unchurched Adults Are Christians Hurt by Churches

Interesting study on both the scope of the unchurched (100 million in the US) and the reasons why they don’t go (Hat Tip to T19). Two quotes: “Based on past studies of those who avoid Christian churches, one of the driving forces behind such behavior is the painful experiences endured within the local church context. […]

In Defense of Heidi

Ever since the first season of the Hills, I have been following the adventures of Speidi with as much self-righteous indignation as the next guy. Nobody can agree on how to provide health insurance to everyone in the US, but we can agree on one thing: Heidi Montag is ridiculous. But as I came back […]

Another Week Ends: Kierkegaard, Suicidal Pastors, Andre Agassi, Rick Warren, Weezer, Julian C, BSG

1. A very interesting blog post over at the NY Times entitled, “Kierkegaard, Despair and Depression”, the final paragraph of which is really something (ht Jeff Dean): Each of us is subject to the weather of our own moods. Clearly, Kierkegaard thought that the darkling sky of his inner life was very much due to […]

Coming Attractions

A month from now I’ll be reviewing Paradise Postponed. It was shown here in the US in the mid-80s and has been unavailable ever since. It releases in the US on DVD on Oct 6 and I can’t wait! Run to your NetFlix queue and add it now… 🙂 One of the many reasons to […]

"Darth Federer" and the US Open’s Nazareth

I’m a Roger Federer fan. Usually, this leads to nothing more straining than a few hours spent watching tennis four times a year. Last night, however, went to another level. Federer played Robin Soderling (a Swede) in the quarterfinals of the US Open. When Federer came onto the court (immediately after Melanie Oudin’s emotional loss […]

John Prescott and the Problem of Social Class

The BBC recently ran a program entitled ‘Prescott: The Class System and Me’ about how John Prescott (perhaps you’ve seen him?) still struggles with his working class background despite the fact that he rose to the position of Deputy Prime Minister of the UK under Tony Blair (basically like the VP of the US, but […]