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What Would Jesus Tweet? The Gospel in the 21st Century (Conference Recordings!)


An enormous thank you to all the fantastic people at St Francis in the Fields Episcopal Church in Louisville, KY, who made the What Would Jesus Tweet mini-conference possible earlier this month! What a privilege it was to meet so many new friends; the warmth and graciousness of the welcome we received was nothing short of overwhelming. To read a (very generous!) re-cap of the event, go here. The recordings are now available, both on our Resources page and here, in the order in which they were given. Click on the talk titles to download, or on the players below to listen:

Talk 1: What Would Jesus Tweet? – David Zahl

Talk 2: Everybody’s Anxious, Nobody’s Bored – David Zahl

Everything New Is Moralism Again – The Rev. Jacob Smith

The Psychology of SalvationDr. Eric Johnson

Talk 3: What We Talk About When We Talk About Freedom and Closing Q&A – David Zahl and Jacob Smith

Confessions of a Sad, Tweeting Batman On Word-Porn

What happens when you mix equal parts family crisis, a comedic coping mechanism, and an insatiable desire to be an internet star? Well, according to Twitter funnyman Sammy Rhodes, not a recipe for happiness. Popular comedy Twitter-er Sammy Rhodes is a pastor hailing from the Midwest who nabbed the twitter handle “@prodigalsam” back in 2009. […]

When Even Our Boredom Doesn’t Make Us Bored

A fascinating–and disturbingly convicting–article came out in The New Yorker’s Oct 28th issue called “Only Disconnect,” by Evgeny Morozov (what a name!). In it, he walks through several books and essays, past and present, that point out what we’re all seeing, that “We’re under assault by connectivity, receptivity, the tyranny of the now.” Morozov takes […]

Killing Independent George: Some Thoughts on Grace and (Social) Media

The good folks at Liberate were kind enough to post my talk from last month’s conference this morning and what better way to illustrate the point(s) about compulsive self-presentation than to re-post it here:

The Guilt Hangover: Disbelief, Shame, and Love

A friend of mine recently made the following Twitter-confession: Sometimes it’s really hard to accept being loved. Sometimes, my husband makes me get out of bed, and then cleans the kitchen and makes me coffee while I’m in the shower. And I still have to tell myself “he’s not mad at me for oversleeping; he […]

The iLife Pursuit and Adultescent Loneliness: A Conference Breakout

Bryan J’s recent post on The Law of Social Media (which could not have been a more apt primer on the subject) looks into a TED talk given by Sherry Turkle, an M.I.T. professor and author of Alone Together, who has become something of a clarion caller upon the state of our lonely lives as […]

Another Week Ends: Twittercide, Paul Simon, Reality TV, Reasons To Quit, Better Book Titles, Community & Shallow Small Groups

1. A great little editorial on Slate about the recent instances of “Twittercide” committed by folks as wide-ranging as Gilbert Gottfried, Tucker Carlson, Keith Olbermann, and Rashard Mendenhall. The author wisely points out how silly it is to blame the medium – its immediacy is a big part of its genius after all – that […]

Malcolm Gladwell on the Limits of Social Media

An enlightening look at the power, and the lack thereof, of social media technology in The New Yorker entitled, “Small Change: Why The Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted”. As per usual, Gladwell mixes in some provocative nuggets about the human condition: The platforms of social media are built around weak ties. Twitter is a way […]