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The Eternal Solution of Vampirism or, “If I Were a Vampire”

Last weekend I made what I should publically refer to as a “shame-purchase.” When nobody was looking, I bought the entire movie collection of The Twilight Saga. Don’t make it a thing, but modern teen vampire stories are my kryptonite, and they almost always follow the same plot structure: Awkward, fragile human (female) falls in […]

Public Library Consquence and Amnesty (and Its Fruit)

A recent article over at about the Chicago Public Library’s recent three-week long amnesty period waiving all overdue fines has caught my attention since this grace period prompted one person to return a 78-years overdue copy of The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. It all started when her mom’s childhood friend checked […]

The Twilight Phenomenon

Slate ran a fascinating article on Thursday, provocatively titled “Mother Suckers”: Vampires are having their moment in, well, if not the sun, then certainly the Twilight. Author Stephenie Meyer’s series of books about the romantic yearnings of an undead teen are the, uh, lifeblood of the book business these days. According to USA Today, one […]