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Tiger Woods Is Getting Better and Getting Worse

Tiger Woods finished fourth in a PGA tournament this past weekend. He’s back. Or is he? Tiger’s last win came in 2013 at the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational. His last major championship was the 2008 US Open. Shortly thereafter (Thanksgiving of 2009) Woods famously crashed his car outside his Florida mansion, was exposed as a serial cheater […]

Jordan Spieth: There’s No “I” in Golf…Huh?

I’ve always had respect for the players and coaches in any sport who use the first person plural when they’re interviewed after a win, and the first person singular when things went poorly for them or their team after a loss. Derek Jeter was like that, so were Steelers QB Terry Bradshaw and Buc’s Super […]

On Tiger Woods Becoming His “Own Ragged Company”

“Golf is a good walk spoiled” – Mark Twain Indeed. In the “Tiger/Phil Debate”, I’ve always been a Phil guy.  My reasoning is a tad lame.  I like Phil Mickelson because he’s left-handed (like me) and because he has a propensity for those Tin Cup type shots from bodily crevices heretofore not defined (in all […]

Tiger Woods: Theologian of Glory

Tiger Woods’ new ad campaign (or, more accurately, Nike’s new ad campaign featuring Tiger Woods) is making the rounds. Featuring Woods staring down a put, the tagline is “Winning Takes Care of Everything,” a quote attributed to “Tiger Woods, World #1.” There has been much debate about the taste level of this ad, seeing as […]

Top MBird News Pieces of 2010

In the age of the 24 hour news cycle, here are my picks for Mockingbird’s Top News Stories of 2010 10) The Rent is too Damn High, November 2010 Jimmy McMillan, candidate for Mayor of NYC, has found the solution to all of New York’s problems. The rent is just too damn high. Take the […]

Brit Hume Explains Himself

A few notable excerpts from an interview the former Fox News anchor did with Christianity Today, regarding his recent bold remarks about Tiger Woods (ht AZ): What about raising the topic of Buddhism? I didn’t say much about Buddhism. Look, I don’t think there’s any question, this is a matter of fact. I don’t think […]

What Goes Up Must Come Down: the Top Five of 2009

All of the following have enjoyed the heights of success, but unfortunately have now felt the sting of reality. These are empirical proof that “all is vanity and a striving after wind” (Ecclesiastes 1:14). 5-Campaign WristbandsWhether it be WWJD, Livestrong, or Bono’s One bracelets, the popularity of this clever marketing gimmick has mostly passed. It […]

A Bonhoeffer Poem for Tiger Woods

It’s been a few days since the Tiger Woods’ car accident and it’s safe to say that Woods is just like the rest of us–a tangled web of self-contradiction and deceit. In light of this, I thought the following poem by Dietrich Bonhoeffer to be especially appropriate. Identity is illusory; it changes like the weather. […]