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Another Pearl from McNeely’s Romance of Grace

So often, we see ourselves through the eyes of the world that is constantly evaluating and judging us. What if we looked at ourselves through the eyes of God? What would we see? In his book, The Romance of Grace, our friend Jim McNeely has an uplifting, but rather scandalous answer which he takes from Matthew […]

The Romance of Grace: A Breakout Session

“In Christ, we enter the society of the gifted. We enter a body of people dripping with supernatural powers that are far beyond what they deserve. If we are free of the slavery of coercion, then we no longer receive anything because we earned it. If all is gift, we receive everything on the basis […]

Desire, Beauty, and Mercy: The Romance of Grace by Jim McNeely

The old commandment presses upon us the obligation to love, but the new commandment releases us into the power of love. He commands the wind and the waves, and they are calm. He commands us to love by first loving us, and so creates the love He desires. It is of grace, because love responds […]