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Auburn Sandstrom and the Pinhole of Light

This, as the kids say, is everything. Everything we fumble toward in our writing and everything we hope in, especially at Advent Christmastime. No idea how it escaped our attention before but good god almighty… Take 10 minutes today – you won’t regret it, ht CWZ.

It Almost Kills You

This amazing find in the world of Moth comes to us from Brooks Tate.  Have you ever had this experience? You are driving, listening to talk radio, and you find yourself in the midst of the most remarkable story. Some voice is just talking and saying the most amazing things. You find that you’re being […]

Anthony Griffith on the Fool’s Fortune

The comedian has been around a while. And comedians are always most funny because they are probing something true, and often painfully so. Shakespeare’s fools operated on this paradox very well, most notably in Lear.  Jan Kott, a Shakespeare scholar, says this of the general role of the Shakespearean jester or fool: He has no […]