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Another Week Ends: Robotic Employees, Free Speech Zones, Travel by Bubble, Carnival Culture, More Love, Less Self-Help, and Mary Tyler Moore

1. Ever feel like a robot at work? The good news is, you’re not the only one; the bad news comes from an article by John Harris in The Guardian: “Digital giants are turning workers into robots.” In various places of employment, invasive programs are monitoring work ethic; in other words, a parable of the law. […]

What Do Dave Eggers, Dirty Toes and Shampoo Have in Common?

If God was interested in being clean, I wonder if he might have stalled the incarnation a millennium or two until the days of close-toed shoes or indoor plumbing. He would then have had the fortune of choosing from fifty different kinds of shampoo at Kroger, or the experience of a soothing pedicure to rinse […]