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Puttin’ People on the Moon

Over Thanksgiving my wife and I strayed from the NYC metropolitan area, which meant one thing as far as she was concerned: country radio. Song after song oozed sentimentality for a red state existence, an American car, family, and of course, Christianity, or at least “good Christian values,” and I have to admit it felt […]

John turns 500 today

Happy Birthday, John Calvin! In celebration of John Calvin, I wrote a post for The Resurgence on his amazing definition of “faith.” Calvin writes: “Now we shall have a proper definition of faith if we say it is a steady and certain knowledge of the Divine benevolence toward us, which being founded upon the truth […]

This Weekend in the NYTimes: Basketball and the Bondage of the Will

In this week’s NYTimes Magazine, there is a fascinating article entitled “The No-Stats All-Star”. It centers on how Shane Battier, formerly of Duke, currently of the Houston Rockets, is one of the most valuable players in the NBA even though his statistics are unremarkable, to say the least. As a life-long UConn fan and Duke-hater, […]