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The Dangers of Transformation and the Hope of Mercy in a Suicidal Church (and World)

The other day I was chatting with someone about why they got out of teaching (grade school), and I was surprised by their answer. It wasn’t the long hours or the short pay or even the endless red tape and administrative dysfunction. They hadn’t lost their love for the kids or their dreams about making […]

Another Week Ends: Advent Mudballs, Freaks and Geeks, Christian Pariahs, Yiddish Petraeus, Hitchcock Communion, Scott Walker and Super Wolf

1. Not sure exactly what The American Interest is, but Walter Russell Mead’s reflection on the meaning of Advent is the most moving and poetic thing I’ve read on the subject this season, ht TH: As a kid I could never understand why Advent was a season of fasting and solemnity in the church rather […]

Gayle Haggard on Compassion and Forgiveness

From the Christianity Today interview with the wife of disgraced former mega-church pastor/Evangelical leader Ted Haggard. Gayle has just published a book titled “Why I Stayed”. Two relevant soundbytes from the interview (ht AZ): What do you want individuals and churches to take away from this? I really want our story to offer hope to […]

Brit Hume Explains Himself

A few notable excerpts from an interview the former Fox News anchor did with Christianity Today, regarding his recent bold remarks about Tiger Woods (ht AZ): What about raising the topic of Buddhism? I didn’t say much about Buddhism. Look, I don’t think there’s any question, this is a matter of fact. I don’t think […]

Closer to Being Human

  I just read a review in the NY Times on an off-broadway play entitled “This Beautiful City,” which traces the transformation of the city of Colorado Springs into a “miniature capital of (Evangelical) Christianity.” As expected, one of the storylines is, surprise, surprise, Ted Haggard and his fall from grace (covered elsewhere on this […]