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Surrender! Surrender!

And It Almost Never Works, Because What is that Even About?

Bicycle Wheels Unzipping Puddles: John Jeremiah Sullivan on the Death of the Dream

This comes from John Jeremiah Sullivan’s first book, Blood Horses: Notes of a Sportswriter’s Son. In it he chronicles, among many things, the archaeological and cultural story of the race horse, in tangent with his own relationship with his late father, the sportswriter Mike Sullivan. This particular segment details his father’s early ambition to be […]

What It Means When Misery Is Meaningless

Paul Prather is a country preacher in a small town in Kentucky called Mount Sterling. He also writes a weekly Faith & Values column for the Lexington Herald-Leader–usually ripe with fatherly insights, slice-of-life metaphors–and, though, he’s a Christian preacher, his columns are generally wide enough in scope not to be specific. This week’s column–and for […]

“Trying Not To Try” in The Art of Fielding

The night before all-star shortstop Henry Skrimshander’s big game, he cannot sleep, and finds himself walking out in his sweats to the dark-lit ball field. He is about to play before his childhood hero–the major league great Aparicio Rodriguez, who wrote the book upon which Skrimshander’s life philosophy is based, The Art of Fielding. Aparicio’s […]