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Another Week Ends: New Atheism and the Church, Jonah Lehrer on Redemption, Empathy with Batman, Wiman’s Incarnational Faith, End-of-School-Year Mothers, Billy Joel, and Eurovision

1. First off, Larry Taunton at The Atlantic has spent the last few years working through the whole “New Atheist” thing from the perspective of traditional Christianity, in particular listening (!) expansively to many committed, thought-through atheists. A nice round-up of his observations appeared this past week, with lots of food for thought, ht EB: Slowly, a […]

Another Week Ends: Erratic Anxiety, Lucrative Law, Backwards Self-Help, More Grace in Addiction, State of Lin-dependence, and the Flight from Control

1. A brilliant article by Eve Tushnet at The American Conservative examines narratives of moral progress in American culture – “Hedonist, Disciple, or Bourgeois?” She critiques the dichotomy between hedonism/moral license, on the one hand, and discipleship/moral progress, on the other, claiming that it misses a crucial third option: the bourgeois ethos that permeates much of American culture. […]

Batman: The Agony of Loss and The Madness of Desire, Pt 6C

It is not without some sadness that we post this final installment in Jeremiah Lawson AKA Wenatchee the Hatchet’s epic Batman: The Agony of Loss and The Madness of Desire series. He has taken us so far beyond what any of us – even in our wildest dreams – could have imagined possible when it […]

Batman: The Agony of Loss and the Madness of Desire, pt 6A – Apostasy and Salvation in Gotham

Believe it or not, this week marks 20 years since Batman: The Animated Series made its network debut. And we would be remiss not to mark the occasion by kicking off the final chapter of Jeremiah Lawson aka Wenatchee the Hatchet’s extraordinary look at the moral and philosophical (and aesthetic) mechanics of that landmark show. […]

Batman: The Agony of Loss and the Madness of Desire, pt 5D

Our Bat-train keeps rolling on! We’re proud to bring you the fourth and final portion of chapter five of Jeremiah Lawson’s prodigious look at the moral and philosophical underpinnings of Batman: The Animated Series. I think it’s safe to say we’ve crossed over into unchartered territory…! To begin at the beginning, go here. To catch […]

Another Week Ends: Delta Malaise, Self-Deprecating Obituaries, The Hill and Wood, Breaking Bad, Bound Atheists, Fall Conf Schedule and more Dark Knight Rises

1. First up, The New York Times published an eye-opening article about sorority rush in US colleges this week that’s been spreading like wildfire. It visits all the usual themes of the Law of group belonging: self-doubt, attempts at identity improvement, the need to belong, and our single-minded attempts to live up to a certain […]

Batman: The Agony of Loss and Madness of Desire, pt 5C

Happy Dark Knight Rises Day! While the rest of the world goes insane debating the merits of the film, Jeremiah Lawson soldiers on with the real Bat-event of the century, his Agony of Loss and Madness of Desire series, detailing the equally if not more profound depiction of Gotham and its curious inhabitants found in […]

Batman: The Agony of Loss and Madness of Desire, pt 5B

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (and hey, there are a lot of nice rocks out there), you know that we’re in the final countdown to The Dark Knight Rises, which hits theaters on July 20th. We thought we’d feed the frenzy by bringing you the next installment of Jeremiah Lawson aka Wenatchee the […]

Another Week Ends: Moral Dieting, Self Illusions, Craig Sager’s Suits, Superhero Saints, LIBERATE, Prometheus, Drive-In Church, and MJ’s Bad

1. We’ve given him a rest for a few months, but the break is over! David Brooks wrote an another incisive column for The NY Times this week, “The Moral Diet,” reflecting on Dan Ariely’s new book on dishonesty. Brooks isn’t afraid to cast the research in historical-religious terms; indeed, the shift in Western self-perception, […]

The Dark Side of the Force: Teenagers, Superpowers and Chronicle

With the glut of prequels and sequels hitting the theaters these days, it’s always refreshing to find a few originals that become successful at the box office for their creativity and storytelling. I found that to be the case with March’s Chronicle, now out on DVD, which blends the found footage style of The Blair Witch Project and the bleak comic book […]

Batman: The Agony of Loss and the Madness of Desire, Part 5a

We’re back! And just in time to lead up to a certain major blockbuster, we bring you the next installment of Jeremiah Lawson’s epic treatment of the moral, philosophical and theological underpinnings of the Batman mythos, in particular as they play out in what many consider to be the most authentic and inspired incarnation of […]

Batman: The Agony of Loss and the Madness of Desire, Pt 4F

Well, Bat-fans, we’ve come to the end of the six-part “Wounds of Discovery”, Jeremiah Lawson’s dazzling excavation of the inner life of Gotham’s criminal population. While there’s still much more to come, this marks the end of a significant chapter in our survey of the DC Animated Universe. As always, to begin at the beginning, […]