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Blind Bound By Love – An Interview with Derek Webb

It’s no secret that musician Derek Webb has long been an inspiration, and not just because of his 2005 album Mockingbird. Like any artist worth paying attention to, his path has taken a number of dramatic twists and turns, most recently with the release of the controversial and predominantly electronic Stockholm Syndrome. Last week I […]

Derek Webb’s Stockholm Syndrome

This one comes to us as a collaboration between Todd Brewer and DZ. Enjoy: I have been looking forward to reviewing Derek Webb’s Stockholm Syndrome ever since his record label deemed it too controversial to be released this past May. Derek has moved further and further toward the outer fringe of Christian music with each […]

Mockingbird’s Anthem? a la Derek Webb

Derek Webb’s new album Stockholm Syndrome is making quite a few headlines in the Christian music world lately. DZ tells me that he will have a review of the album forthcoming in the the near future, so stay tuned! But I wanted to point every one’s attention to the title track off of the album […]