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Part of the Machine Itself: Steven Pinker on Willpower

If you find yourself “fatigued” by all our recent talk of ego depletion – the discovery that self-control essentially functions like a muscle – I don’t blame you. The reason for all the hubbub is the release of Roy Baumeister and John Tierney’s book, Willpower, which renowned Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker reviewed in this past […]

"Harvard’s Crisis of Faith"

I read this article on this morning and thought it was worth sharing. There is a debate on Harvard’s campus over whether or not the school should require undergrad students to take at least one class on religion during their time there. Read it here. It is a helpful reminder of how the secular […]

Steven Pinker on Romans 2:14-15

In his fascinating op-ed in yesterday’s NY Times, “A Grand Bargain Over Evolution”, Robert Wright quotes the well-known experimental psychologist Steven Pinker:

“There may be a sense in which some moral statements aren’t just … artifacts of a particular brain wiring but are part of the reality of the universe, even if you can’t touch them and weigh them.” Comparing these moral truths to mathematical truths, he said that perhaps “they’re really true independent of our existence. I mean, they’re out there and in some sense — it’s very difficult to grasp — but we discover them, we don’t hallucinate them.”