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Everything Is Going to Be Okay: Austen Lane Opens Up About Failure

It’s always nice to come across articles that are honest about professional athletes’ lives, particularly the arena of failure. I do not mean that it’s enjoyable to hear about the failure for its own sake (in the schadenfreude sense), just that it brings them down to Earth and can serve as point of connection and […]

Intellectual Honesty, A Theology of the Cross, and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

My four-year-old daughter Hazel is a Sports Illustrated subscriber. It’s a complicated issue of expiring airline miles; don’t ask. This week, the annual swimsuit edition was delivered. I remember, as a younger man, subscribing to SPORT Magazine (it was a cheaper monthly option than the weekly Sports Illustrated) and eagerly awaiting the swimsuit issue. SPORT, […]

The Low-Hanging Fruit of the ESPN “Body” Issue

Around these parts, sometimes we have to go looking for law/gospel illustrations in the nooks and crannies of the popular world. Sometimes, though, they come and browbeat us. Such is the case with the annual ESPN “Body” issue, on newsstands now. A “celebration of the athletic form,” the Body Issue is supposed to be, I […]

Control vs. Chaos? NCAA Recruiting, Texting, and Freedom

In his “Point After” column in the June 25 issue of Sports Illustrated, Phil Taylor (who is usually, and unfortunately, cut from the Rick Reilly cloth) wrote a short piece called “Thumb Wrestling for Recruits.” The subject is the intricacies of NCAA recruiting rules, and the changes thereto. Until this year, college coaches were severely […]