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Leslie Jamison on Self-Forgiveness and Shame

The most recent edition of Image features a lovely interview with Leslie Jamison. We can’t stop writing about her, especially after her extraordinary talk at our conference this year in New York. In the interview, she discusses a number of other concerns—the fear that our feelings are clichés, that privilege and difference inhibit resonance with […]

The Unbearable Rightness of Forgiveness

I have a shelf filled with books on the art of writing — it is a great distraction from actually writing. But seriously, if you share my vice, you may want to check out Ann Patchett’s “The Getaway Car: A Practical Memoir about Writing and Life.” Patchett was blessed with accomplished writing mentors at Sarah […]

PZ’s Podcast: Make It Easy On Yourself

EPISODE 140: Make It Easy On Yourself The subject is self-forgiveness, and that’s a word I used to find a little lame. I couldn’t understand how a very flawed self could forgive a very flawed self. So in speaking about forgiveness, I tried to put all my weight on the Great Transaction, wrought on Calvary’s […]