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Why I Am Coming to NYC

Each year it seems like such an undertaking: spending money on travel for myself that could have been used for a family vacation; enduring crowded flights and dreary layovers; trudging to and fro on subway lines and unfamiliar avenues, a stranger in a strange land – all to spend a few fleeting days at a […]

The Beauty of Saint George’s Church

Check out these pictures of our gracious host church for the Mockingbird Conference. This church has changed a lot over the years. Here is what the interior looked like 50 years ago, which is very similar to how it looks today: This is the rear of the nave, also from about 50 years ago, also […]

Displaced Persons in an Alien World

On Saturday afternoon as I walked out the Chantry doors of Saint George’s, the sky was grey, the air was a damp chill, and the cherry trees with their paper-parchment blossoms had somehow lost their luster. Indeed, the world seemed a very different place from the world I had left on the Thursday prior, as […]