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PZ’s Podcast: Make It Easy On Yourself

EPISODE 140: Make It Easy On Yourself The subject is self-forgiveness, and that’s a word I used to find a little lame. I couldn’t understand how a very flawed self could forgive a very flawed self. So in speaking about forgiveness, I tried to put all my weight on the Great Transaction, wrought on Calvary’s […]

High Brow Grace: Just A Little, Not Too Much – Verdi’s "Stiffelio" and Rossellini’s "Stromboli"

Earlier this year the Metropolitan Opera mounted a handsome production of Giuseppe Verdi’s opera “Stiffelio”. It was well reviewed, and what caught the eye, in the photographs published in the New York Times at least, was the set created to represent the interior of a Reformed Church. It was Pieter Saenredam come to life. But Wait, […]