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Five Favorite Documentaries of 2010

Kicking off our year-end lists, the five best documentaries I watched this year: 1. Bigger Stronger FasterWho knew the steroids “epidemic” could inspire such a profound meditation on identity, righteousness, strength, addiction, masculinity, hypocrisy, politics and family?! Seriously, as an unflinching yet entertaining look at the human condition, this one just cannot be beat. Bigger […]

Once Upon a Time in Nazi Occupied France

I’m going to come out in my first Mockingbird post ever and just say it: Inglourious Basterds was the best movie of 2009 (Yes, better than Hurt Locker). Say what you will about Tarantino’s violent films, but Basterds is about as masterful of a film as any made in the past decade because it posits […]

NetFlixPicks (vol 1)

Subscribing to Netflix, a mail-order movie rental service, also entitles you to unlimited online viewing (with Mac, PC, PS3, Xbox and, coming, soon, Wii) of a fairly wide selection (thousands) of movies and television shows. From time to time, I will offer my picks of the best of online streaming. Just to put this into […]