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Birmingham Conference Recordings: Grace, Rest and the End of Scorekeeping

A major thank you to everyone who helped us put on our conference in Birmingham, AL, especially all the good people at Cathedral Church of the Advent. What a delightful and inspiring time it was! Lots of laughter, a few tears, some great food and tons of new connections, we could not be more grateful. […]

Birmingham Conference 10/28-29: Happening Today!

Our Birmingham Conference is less than two days away! We couldn’t be more excited about how things have come together. A few new details to share:

1. Primary talk titles have been finalized:

  • Talk 1. Friday Evening. “Why We Always Lose When We Keep Score” – Paul Walker
  • Talk 2. Saturday Morning. “Game Over: The Foolish Wisdom of God’s Grace, Pt 1” – Paul Walker
  • Talk 3. Saturday Morning. “The Curse of Autonomy and the Hope of a New Word” – David Browder
  • Talk 4. Saturday Morning. “You’re Not Wrong, Walter: Love in a Time of Argument” – David Zahl
  • Talk 5. Saturday Afternoon. “Game Over: The Foolish Wisdom of God’s Grace, Pt 2” and Q&A – Paul Walker

In addition to these talks, there will be several devotions and presentations. For the fully updated schedule, go here.

2. Sam Bush of The Hill and Wood (and Christ Church C’ville) will be our conference musician, leading both the opening and closing worship. And Gil Kracke has graciously agreed to be our conference chaplain, giving short devotions before each of Paul’s talks. These are amazing developments; our cup runneth over!

3. The conference will close on Saturday afternoon with a special Mockingbird reception at The Redmont Hotel, a mere two blocks away, from 3-5pm. The reception will double as a launch party for the new Mockingbird resource, Paul Zahl’s The Merciful Impasse: The Sermon on the Mount for Those Who’ve Crashed (and Burned) audio collection. Dr. Zahl will be on hand to sign copies and talk briefly about the release.

4. Finally, if you have run into trouble finding an affordable/appropriate place to stay, we may be able to help. No guarantees, but do email us at and we’ll give it our best shot.

Online pre-registration is now closed. While last-minute walk-ins will of course not be turned away, we cannot guarantee them food or childcare. Hope you can join us for any part of the program.

BONUS TRACKS: To give you a better sense of our main speaker, Paul Walker, we’ve uploaded a trio of recent sermons (in reverse chronological order).

Hopelessly Devoted: Psalm Forty Two Verse Five

Our series of Monday devotions continues this morning with one from Paul Walker, Rector of Christ Episcopal Church in Charlottesville, VA and speaker at the upcoming Birmingham conference. This particular reflection aptly addresses the affliction of scorekeeping, and the message of grace that responds in your defense: “Why are you cast down, O my soul, […]

Mockingbird Fall Conference in Birmingham, AL – Registration Now Open!

Grace, Rest and the End of Scorekeeping

October 28-29, 2011
Cathedral Church of the Advent in Birmingham, AL

The great theologian Robert Capon once wrote, “Grace cannot prevail until law is dead, until moralizing is out of the game…, until our fatal love affair with the law is over — until, finally and for good, our lifelong certainty that someone is keeping score has run out of steam and collapsed.”

A bold sentiment, perhaps, but also a true one. Keeping score is what we do, either consciously or not: in our work, in our friendships, in our marriages, yes, even in our spiritual lives. Who’s winning and who’s losing? Who’s pulling ahead? Who’s falling behind? Who owes us and to whom are we indebted? Where does it all end?! Scorekeeping in life is as exhausting as it is prevalent. But the Gospel is Good News to people who aren’t measuring up, a word of relief for those in need of one.

Join us in Birmingham this Fall as we explore what Christ meant when he said, “Come to me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28). With the healthy dose of humor, cultural fluency and psychological acuity you’ve come to expect from Mockingbird.

Our main speaker this time will be none other than Paul Walker, rector of Christ Episcopal Church in Charlottesville, VA and founding board president of Mockingbird. He will be aided and abetted by David Zahl and David Browder.

The cost of the event, which includes dinner on Friday and lunch on Saturday, is $50. Childcare is available during the event for children ages 5 and under. If you are planning on coming, we ask that you pre-register beforehand, so we can plan accordingly.


Osama bin Laden and The Closed Circle of the Law

We normally hesitate to comment on political matters. Fortunately, the reaction to the death of Osama bin Laden goes beyond those parameters. Paul Walker, rector of Christ Church here in Charlottesville and main speaker at our Fall conference in Birmingham (10/28-29), has the following wise words: “Do not rejoice when your enemy falls, and let […]

A Sermon For Yeardley And For George

As many of you know, The University of Virginia made national headlines this past week with the deeply tragic news of the murder of undergraduate lacrosse player Yeardley Love, allegedly by her ex-boyfriend George Huguely.  Our friends and soon-to-be colleagues at Christ Episcopal Church in Charlottesville have found themselves at ground zero of this horrific […]

A Letter From The Board: Mockingbird, Charlottesville and R.E.M.

On June 1st, Mockingbird will be moving its headquarters from New York City to Charlottesville, Virginia. One of Mbird’s chief supporting parishes since day one, Christ Episcopal Church has graciously invited us to make our “nest” there, and we have accepted! You may remember that The Rev. Paul Walker, rector of Christ Church Charlottesville, was […]

The Institution of Paul Walker and The Last Days of Disco

Last week, yours truly was fortunate enough to see The Rev. Paul N. Walker instituted as rector of Christ Episcopal Church in Charlottesville, VA. It was an absolutely beautiful service, with a sermon from Paul Zahl (aka dad) and music from the peerless High Street Hymns. For those of you who don’t know him, Paul […]

Slightly Expanded And Significantly More Organized Conference Book Table List

Here’s the full list plus a couple of relevant additions, linked to sites where they can be purchased. Although everything comes highly recommended, this is by no means meant to be a definitive list (stay tuned…). For the sake of newcomers we have divided the non-fiction into three itunes-inspired categories: Basics, Next Steps and Deep […]

2009 Mockingbird Conference: “Grace in Personal Relationships”

Handouts and book table list now included! You can download everything individually or as a whole. Hopefully the file sizes are somewhat manageable. Again, while we are making everything available for free, if you were not able to attend and would like to contribute to the cost of putting the event on, that would be […]

Happy Paul Walker Day!

Today we celebrate the birth of everyone’s favorite Mbird board president, Paul Walker! Of course, Paul also happens to be our all-time favorite preacher, so in honor of the occasion, we thought we’d offer up a couple of his greatest hits: I Will Begin Again (Bono Vox) Family First (Arrested Development) For more PW-goodness, including […]

The 2008 Mockingbird Conference: God’s Grace in a World of Glory

A week has passed and I can still hardly believe how well our first conference went! Sean and I want to thank everyone who came, and everyone who helped make it happen. It was an experience we will definitely keep with us for a long time to come. For those of you who couldn’t make […]