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The Pastor in the Batter’s Box

Get your elbows up! Watch the ball! Bend your knees! Be a hitter! Keep your elbows down! Choke up on the bat! Jump on that fastball! Wait for your pitch! I remember standing in that little league batter’s box, with coaches and random parents and teammates all yelling their well-meaning directives to me at the […]

Man and Stone (part I)

He raised the metal instrumentTo break the large, obdurate stone,Fused and beautifully congruent.Downward he thrust, painful moan;Object intractable, to say the least,His ax couldn’t break the cemented beast. With his sweat drenched head and brow,He raised the instrument above his head;His steadfast strength would not bowHe’ll beat this stone with hands shred.Muscles flexed, he forced […]