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On Apologies, Non-Apologies and Forgiveness

From Lisa Belkin’s article in The NY Times Magazine, “Why Is It So Hard To Apologize Well?”, looking at the recent slew of public ‘apologies,’ from Gen. McKhyrstal to British prime minister David Cameron to Major League umpire Jim Joyce: Apologies, says Dr. Aaron Lazare, the former chancellor of the University of Massachusetts Medical School […]

Another Week Ends: Prosperity Mortgages, Megan Fox, South Africa, Nietzsche, Community, Wii Pray, Dylan

1. Not to beat a dead horse, but Hanna Rosin (she of Ehrenreich book review/God’s Harvard fame) wrote a lengthy cover story about the prosperity gospel for The Atlantic this past month entitled “Did Christianity Cause The Market To Crash?”. She reports that “the growth of the prosperity gospel tracks fairly closely to the pattern […]

Fear In A Handful Of Dust – Understanding The Anxious Mind

From this past weekend’s NYTimes Magazine, a lengthy article called “Understanding The Anxious Mind”, mainly looking at anxiety as an innate/inborn temperament. It’s all very fascinating – at least until the conclusion, where author conjectures about the so-called “evolutionary advantages” of anxiety… Some worthy quotes: Anxiety is not fear, exactly, because fear is focused on […]

Digital Intimacy

A fascinating article appeared in this past friday’s NYTimes Magazine entitled “Brave New World Of Digital Intimacy”. The author explores the Facebook phenomenon at length and comes up with some great material about identity and human nature. Here are some quotes: “[After the introduction of the News Feed feature], Facebook users didn’t think they wanted […]