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The Mockingbird Super Bowl Preview: A Ray Lewis Redemption

I find Ray Lewis’ persona, both on and off the field, to be oppressively distasteful. He seems boastful, showy, and hugely self-absorbed. Exhibit A is his presence on the field for the final snap of the Ravens victory against the Broncos (his final home game) to facilitate his signature “look at me” dance. The final […]

Being Killed (and Not that Softly) in About a Boy, aka The End of Island Living

“God made him who had no awkwardness to be awkwardness for us, so that in him we might become the coolness of God.” (2 Cor 5:21 – N. Hornby translation)

May Playlist

This month it’s a shameless pre-Summer pop mix… Not that there’s anything wrong with that! Listen, enjoy, rock out, go crazy – just as long as you don’t take your love to town: Day After Day – Julian Lennon Only Mama Knows – Paul McCartney Janie, Don’t Take Your Love To Town – Jon Bon […]

Another Week Ends: Roger Ebert, Judgment, Ben Folds & Nick Hornby, and TS3

Filling in for DZ this week… 1. An interesting piece from George Elerick over at the Huffington Post about the destructive power of judgment. Though his alternative of a love-filled justice leaves much to be desired, he’s on to something… “We judge others and ourselves because we have forgotten in what it looks like to […]