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Tender Are The Ashes

Happy Ash Wednesday… from Honeybus:

Scumbags Welcome

Two thumbs up. Details here:

Narrative and the Grace of God: The New ‘True Grit’

Stanley Fish is doing our job for us over on the New York Times Online OpEd Section. Fish, an academic known for his postmodern literary criticism (think interpretive communities) and guest writer for the NYT, wrote a piece entitled Narrative and the Grace of God: The New ‘True Grit’ which sounds like something Nick Lannon […]

DJ Jazzy Theology and What’s Wrong with Churchgoers

Do you remember that feeling when you were on the receiving end of a parental lecture: That compelling desire to escape, combined with a growing resolve to completely reject all the counsel, advice, and nuggets of wisdom coming from the lecturer’s mouth? I got that feeling the other day. It came when I was reading […]

An Interview with the Writers of LOST

A few MB-related highlights from a recent New York Times interview with LOST writers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. If you are interested in the show at all, the interview is worth the full read. On their literary influences:“One of the things that we completely own is that in many ways “Lost” is a mash-up/remix […]

Going green isn’t the problem… I found this article on the New York Times today and thought it gives a telling account of what happens when we try to change others by demanding that they do this or that. While our intentions may well be very good and noble (in this case, saving the planet), our demanding that they […]

Top 10 things on my iPod Touch

As the year comes to a close, I’ll be the first to kick-off the obligatory ‘Top 10’ lists with the Top 10 things on my iPod Touch. (Yes, I needed to indicate that it is a ‘Touch’ simply because other models cannot download apps). They are, in no particular order… 1. Daily Audio Bible (podcast): […]

Pandora as Judgment-Free Zone

There is a very interesting article in this week’s New York Times Magazine about Pandora, the free internet music service that creates custom playlists based on your personal music preferences. I am a huge Pandora fan. Most interesting, for Mockingbirds, is how the absence of judgment (i.e. law) in Pandora creates the space for love […]

Gustaf Wingren on Vocation, Good Works, And Sanctification

“In heaven, before God, vocation has as little to contribute as do good works. Good works and vocation (love) exist for the earth and one’s neighbor, not for eternity and God. God does not need our good works, but our neighbor does. It is faith that God wants.”

Director John Hughes has Died

A legend died Thursday in New York. 59 year-old writer and film director John Hughes suffered a heart attack while he was taking a walk in Manhattan. You can read the report here. Hughes was in many ways the voice of teen consciousness during the 1980s. His movies include the modern classics of Sixteen Candles, […]

Would you buy a hot dog from an ex-con?

I want to go now. Read the full story here.

Prisoners Dancing for A Second Chance

    These videos (and more!) were posted on You Tube by Byron Garcia, a security consultant for prisons in the Philippines. This is what he says about the prisoners dancing:   “This is a tribute to all Prison facilities in the Philippines (8 and counting) who are now adopting this non-violent approach to rehabilitation! […]