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Conference Book Table

As promised, here’s the full inventory of what we had on offer last week. It’s by no means a definitive collection or ‘canon’, just what we were able to gather up in time for the conference. They’re listed in order of author, with links to where you can purchase them. They all come highly recommended! […]

Christoph Blumhardt’s Charismatic Theology of the Cross

For Christians who have been given to see through the fog of human life and its inherent sinful trappings, there is often a deep uncertainty when it comes to the Holy Spirit. Modern Pentecostal theology has told us that humanity can easily perceive the movement of the Spirit in everyday life. We are told that […]

It’s Not Easy Being Green (or Totally Depraved)

Maybe it is because I’m still recovering from my 2 ½ hour, 3D cage fight with Mother Earth (to the right), but I was pleased run across an article on the Chronicle of Higher Education blog entitled “Green Guilt” that is helping with my deprogramming. Additionally, since it so closely mirrors one of my earlier […]