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Hated For Loving: The World According to Morrissey

What follows is a slightly revised version of the Moz chapter in A Mess of Help, a personal favorite which I was pleasantly surprised had never found its way onto the site (in its entirety). So, if you have five seconds to spare…: You cannot write about Steven Patrick Morrissey without getting personal. This is […]

Another Week Ends: Vanishing Adults, Mysterious Loss, “Spiritual” Mental Health, A Tragi-Comic Religion, Humanities vs. Engineering, and the Power of Groupthink

1. I recently had a conversation with an elderly woman who became supremely concerned over whether or not I would work on the 4th of July. “Surely you’ll take off a federal holiday,” she intoned. I admitted that I probably would but hadn’t made any plans yet. That wasn’t enough to defuse the tizzy that […]

Another Week Ends: Wealth Addiction, Bieber/Britney Compassion, Friends Generation, True Detective, Grand Theft Auto, Better Praise and Conference Calls

1. This one really deserves a post of its own. So much writing about Wall Street greed has the air of jealousy and pettiness around it. Nothing’s an easier target or more convenient prop for self-righteousness than a corporate cog (i.e. “I may not be swimming in it, but at least I believe in something–at […]

Another Week Ends: Life Stories, Vacation Days, Literary Grace, Curved In Worship, Baby Morality, Sleepy Hollow and Eagleton on Moz

1. We’ve spoken before about why we so often feel the need to conceive of our lives as a narrative of progress or upward-sloping trajectory. We’ve tried to highlight the dangers this poses, especially when the progress is understood to be moral or spiritual in nature. An instinct that can sometimes help us make sense […]

Thursday Afternoon Viewing: Morrissey Levels the Playing Field and Tim Riggins Fights Martians

How can you not love this guy?!

And here comes Andrew Stanton’s [Nemo, WALL-E] live-action debut:

All of the Rumors Keeping Me Grounded: Morrissey Comes Clean

The air is getting cooler, the leaves are changing color, the days are getting shorter, and Morrissey is singing on my speakers. Try as I might, I just can’t seem to resist his siren call each Fall. There’s always one more lyric to be deciphered, one more inside joke to be investigated, one more b-side […]

Another Week Ends: Of Gods and Men, Unitarian Boundaries, pi Haters, Pinksy on Cowper, Jayhawks, Wilco, Morrissey, FNL, Falling Skies and Brad Bird

1. No doubt you’re familiar with the martyrdom of the monks of Tibhirine in Algeria, who were assassinated in 1996 by Jihadists. It is, without question, one of the most inspirational true stories of the past twenty years – regardless of where you’re coming from on the religious spectrum. You may have even heard that […]

The Smoking Popes Know You Love Them

At their final concert in 1998, Smoking Popes’ lead singer and songwriter Josh Caterer introduced their single “I Know You Love Me” with the following words [paraphrasing]: “This is my favorite Smoking Popes song because it is about my relationship with Jesus.” Thud. It was an auspicious end to a group that had long outgrown […]

From The Onion: Heartfelt Apology Robs Man of Cherished Grudge

Over at The Onion, the perfect follow-up to the Rattigan/Nelson piece: CASPER, WY—A powerful, enduring grudge was ruined for local resident Roger Chilton Saturday following a profoundly earnest plea for forgiveness from longtime friend Peter Scotto. “I was looking forward to harboring this bitter resentment for at least another decade, [goshdarnit], and now he’s taken […]

Guilt, Forgiveness and Freedom – According to Morrissey

2. Forgiveness (warning: extreme Morrissey-ness): “I Have Forgiven Jesus”

For Guilt, Forgiveness and Freedom according to Mockingbird, look no further than Thursday

Morrissey, the poet of our age…

Gavin Hopps is one of St. Mary’s most exciting research fellows here at St. Andrews. His new book, ‘Morrissey: The Pageant of His Bleeding Heart’ is on the verge of release, and I thought the Mockingbird crowd might resonate with his approach. From the review at the uni website: Dr Hopps writes, “Being embarrassing is […]

Heaven Knows Morrissey Is Miserable Now

It’s notoriously difficult to discuss The Smiths without getting personal. And I’m not just talking about myself. This is not a band that people casually enjoy – it’s a band you have relationship with. Smiths’ fans know better than anyone that being understood is a short step away from being loved, which accounts for much […]